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We drive strategic growth for our clients across sectors, geographies, and ownership structures.

Our focus is working with complex B2B companies. Many of our clients are private equity-backed businesses seeking strategic growth on their 3-5 year path to a milestone M&A event.


Business Services firms are often challenged by market parity, daunting competition or creating new markets. They need to define and promote intangible services in a tangible way, express their business value and differentiation, identify and sell to the right audiences, and go-to-market in an aligned and consistent manner.

RiverStone, FortentExult,


In this rapidly evolving marketplace – companies focused in software, hardware, SaaS, mobile and enterprise technology must identify and communicate their value in order to stand out amongst both competitive behemoths and start-ups. They also need to ensure that their direct sales and channel partners sales are equipped with the right message, aimed at the right buyer, at the right time.

Allbridge, eOriginal, Medius, Infinia ML, Vitalyst


Healthcare organizations continue to see tectonic changes in regulation and reimbursement rules, along with emerging technologies to improve the quality and cost effectiveness of care. They must articulate and demonstrate their unique business model and value proposition in a way that resonates with clients, partners, investors and other critical audiences.

Complia Health, Acclara Solutions


Mid-size portfolio companies of private equity firms often have underdeveloped brands, fewer systematic sales processes, and a tactical go-to-market approach. They also typically need to focus on near-term growth while being very deliberate about their longer-term positioning because both are needed for a successful exit or liquidity event. Our focus is to leverage our expertise to align their brand, sales and marketing to increase their enterprise value.

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Infinia ML is transforming Fortune 500 companies using advanced machine learning to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and uncover new breakthroughs.

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M&A can transform a company, but one often overlooked piece is considering how the brands come together. Read our guide to branding and M&A:

Branding in M&A

How do Brand, Sales, and your Go-to-Market approach impact your business?  How can your business benefit by improving these areas and what do you risk if you don’t?

8 Keys to GTM Success.

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