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Tina Braswell

Senior Director

Tina is a brand strategist and go-to-market specialist with over two decades of success marketing companies and non-profits. Her passion is amplifying messaging through thoughtful touchpoints along the customer journey. Tina leverages her experience within a Fortune 200 to plan through the complexities of bringing a brand to life internally and externally. A Philadelphia native and sports loyalist, Tina spends her weekends at playgrounds with her husband and two children.

Favorite Brands



From the iconic font to the familiar characters, the Disney brand knows no bounds. They set the standard for entertainment, experiences, and storytelling. Families share and make memories generation by generation. One can never outgrow the Disney brand, making it a timeless entity.



I’ve loved Wawa since I was a child growing up in Philadelphia. The recognizable logo has always been the name in bold red letters with the image of a goose. Even as they grow, consistency and reliability is what you can expect. Good food, good service, in a clean environment. What began as a local chain now spans seven states up and down the East Coast. I can remember my excitement seeing this brand in Florida for the first time.

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Chief Executive Officer

Brenna Garratt

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