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Kristine Jao

Senior Associate

Kristine is a passionate individual who holds extensive experience in building and growing brands. She has been involved in elevating brands such as: Mario Lopez Fitness, ED by Ellen DeGeneres, and Shell Automotive products. After graduating from SUNY Oneonta and the Fashion Institute of Technology with a Business Management degree she began her career working in the fashion industry where she discovered her love for business and leading teams to achieve their goals through strategic and efficient processes. She continues to apply her knowledge and years of experience in branding at Sustena. On her down time, Kristine volunteers for Make a Wish Foundation as a Wish Grantor. She also always makes sure to find time to go for a run and travel as much as she can.

Favorite Brands



I recently read Nike’s founder, Phil Knight’s memoir and I not only love the story behind building the brand but what the brand has been able to build. Nike was built out of pure passion for running but is now one of the top 10 most recognizable logos around the world. Nike woke their competitors up through constant innovation, dedication, and determination. They are a brand that promotes confidence and individuality in each of their consumers. Nike was one of the first athletic brands who successfully penetrated various markets of diverse consumers ranging from athletes to people seeking athleisure wear. Almost everyone knows and trust products with the iconic swoosh symbol. Nike is a brand that continues to amaze.



SoulCycle is a spin exercise class that not only provides an immersive workout but focuses on mind, body, and soul. The brand reinvented the working out experience across the country, including my own fitness journey. Soul Cycle brings experience, sense of community, and fashion together. They have been able to not only become a recognizable symbol in the fitness community, but has been able to help people better their self through motivational empowerment. I leave each class feeling refreshed and ready to tackle all my goals head on. Soul Cycle has built not just a fitness brand but a community of individuals who seek to improve every day.

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