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Taylor McTigue


Taylor excels at organization, multitasking and relationship management by leveraging her past experience in project management. Coming from a background in financial technology and live event management, she thrives in fast-paced environments. She is able to quickly adapt and enjoys working in collaborative environments. Her natural ability to problem solve paired with her warm personality have led to success. Taylor studied Business Administration at the University at Buffalo where she double concentrated in Marketing and Supply Chain Operations. In her down time you will most likely find her traveling, hiking or rolling up her sleeves to take on a DIY.

Favorite Brands



Airbnb makes it possible to reach and experience the world in an authentic way. As an avid traveler, I find myself seeking out ways to connect and immerse myself in the local environments. Airbnb’s unique stays and experiences provide just that, connecting people to homes. City or country, solo or group, local or international-there is an Airbnb for every type of trip!



From Mother Nature to your feet, this is a shoe brand that is committed to a more sustainable future. I purchased my first pair 5 years ago when Allbirds launched and it’s still the most comfortable sneaker I own! Allbirds keeps the design simple and focuses on the materials going into the shoes like wool, trees and sugarcane. This brand lives by its’ values investing in renewable materials and ethically sourced partnerships. As Allbirds expands into new designs and clothing, they continue to live up to their mission of making things better in a better way. An undeniably comfortable, sustainable, affordable sneaker, that I can throw into the washer machine... customer for life here!

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