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Bryan Jenkins

Executive Vice President of Strategy

Bryan is an award-winning senior brand strategist and creative director able to tell a focused, compelling story across a wide variety of communication channels. He has led many successful national branding and re-branding efforts across multiple sectors including technology, insurance, financial services and construction/building industry. A purveyor of fine craft beef jerky, Bryan calls Brooklyn home where he’s either coaching his daughter’s champion softball team or “letting” his son score on him on the soccer pitch.

Favorite Brands



To me, New York City was iconic long before I moved here (20+ years ago). The city seems to have always existed and is timeless yet is constantly relevant and present. It endures, it perseveres and it shines. NYC stands for something on a global scale - but that 'something' varies wildly depending on who you're talking to. It has 8 million "in-house" ambassadors and literally countless global fanatics. It's the ultimate organic, authentic brand. To be "a new yorker" is a badge of honor, an accusation, an indictment, and a source of pride and / or jealousy - all at the same time. If that's not a great brand, I don't know what is.



The idea of truly limitless creativity starting from the most simple, base block is fascinating to me. And the Lego brand embodies that, from the original toy that has spanned generations all the way through to the movies and retail stores - it's clear, consistent and compelling - all great brand attributes.

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