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the “clearly focused
on their client’s growth”

nyc branding firm
the “the idea of ROI isn’t
an afterthought”
branding firm
the “best decision we
made last year”
branding firm
the “they understand
our clients better than
we do”
nyc branding firm

We drive strategic growth by leveraging our expertise in brand development, sales enablement and go-to-market execution.

Sustena Group fundamentally believes that aligning these essential functions is the key to strategic growth. Our multi-disciplinary methodology enables business services, healthcare and technology organizations to address the challenges currently derailing growth in order to reach new levels of success.

Lunch Time at Amazon Go Store

Welcome to the perfect “stop and go” mecca to grab anything from a bag of…

2 EARS, ONE MOUTH – Use Them Proportionally

Good active listening really is in short supply

Name That Snack

What Can Potato Chips Teach Us About Brand, Naming, and Brand Equity?

Combining Three Market Leaders into One Category Killer

Allbridge Case Study

Launching a Premiere Financial Services Brand to Promote a Growing Business

RiverStone Case Study

Branding 101 – (the obligatory post) What Is a Brand?

Yes, another 'What is a Brand?' post.

Branding 101 – When Should You Rebrand?

How will you know when it is the right time to rebrand?

Expanding a SaaS-based AP Automation Platform into their Largest Growth Market

MediusFlow Case Study

Revitalizing a FinTech Industry Pioneer

eOriginal Case Study

Building a Transformative Machine Learning Brand

Infinia ML Case Study

The Power of Naming

Your corporate and product names are strategic business assets and should be treated accordingly

Branding in M&A

Don't let your merger or acquisition fail because you haven't considered the brand implications

We are proud to announce the successful rebranding of RiverStone, a leading provider of RiskSmart Run-Off® Insurance Solutions.

Press Release and Case Study

M&A can transform a company, but one often overlooked piece is considering how the brands come together. Read our guide to branding and M&A:

Branding in M&A

How do Brand, Sales, and your Go-to-Market approach impact your business? How can your business benefit by improving these areas and what do you risk if you don’t?

8 Keys to GTM Success.

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