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Jillian Haynes

Creative Coordinator

Jillian recently joined Sustena as the company’s Creative Coordinator. In this position, she works with strategy, project management, and creative teams to shepherd projects from development through execution. With a background in branding, art direction, and project management, Jillian is able to provide oversight, manage production, source partners, and assist in the creation of design files while monitoring timelines and budgets.

Favorite Brands



Brandless is a company that sells products like cleaning supplies, pantry staples, and home goods. They have been able to build a no-nonsense brand that emphasizes community, quality, and simplicity based on the idea of not having brand recognition. Their visual brand system is colorful, soothing, and looks premium yet approachable.

Other Team Members

Chief Executive Officer

Brenna Garratt

Chief Operating Officer

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Executive Vice President

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