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Maggie Finn Ryan

Senior Director

Maggie is a brand strategist and award-winning content creator. With over a decade of experience across retail, tech, design, media, e-commerce, non-profit, and health verticals, she has the unique ability to pinpoint a brand's 'why' and translate it into a compelling brand story. Maggie is currently pursuing her MS in Integrated Marketing Communications at Northwestern University. A happy resident of Austin, TX, she spends her time hiking, kayaking, and eating migas tacos with her husband and dog.

Favorite Brands



Peloton combines my love of challenging workout classes with a palpable sense of community. (I love high-fiving folks on the leaderboard!) In addition, the brand successfully leverages its technology to create an authentic relationship with its customers throughout the customer journey.



Patagonia is a brand that lives its values. Their commitment to sustainability is foundational to their brand because it's (quite literally) woven into the fabric of their product. From their recycled materials to their repair and consignment programs to their environmental activism, they're a consistent values-driven brand.

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