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Charlie Fletcher


Charlie is a strategist focused on leveraging his past experience as a hedge fund analyst to create original content for marketing and sales functions at Sustena. Having studied Art & Design at Penn State, Charlie pivoted post-graduation to work at a Philadelphia-based investment fund. After a year and a half in Philadelphia, Charlie left the finance lifestyle behind to once again pursue his creative passions. He now lives full-time in his 2009 Toyota Tacoma. When he’s not on the road, Charlie can be found in the darkroom developing film and working with a variety of alternative photographic print processes.

Favorite Brands

Vans “Off the Wall”


From a small hole-in-the-wall California shoe manufacturer to the global brand we know today, Vans has continued to transcend boundaries, redefining what is possible for a brand’s “target demographic.” The stitched canvas upper and flat waffle sole is the shoe of choice for backyard pool skaters and backyard barbeque dads alike.



It’s hard to make safety and reliability sexy, but that is just what Toyota has done in the last 20 years. Toyota has become synonymous with timeless - you can run their vehicles until the wheels fall off (but they never will). But Toyota’s aren’t just timeless, they’ve become limitless. Need a zero-emissions compact Prius for city living or a daily driver? No problem. Want an overland 4WD Tundra to take you deep into the wilderness? They do that too.

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Chief Executive Officer

Brenna Garratt

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Bryan Jenkins


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