Accuiti® -
a diagnostic to identify areas of opportunity and executive alignment

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Accuiti is a diagnostic tool designed to measure executive alignment around the performance of Brand, Sales, and Marketing, providing insight to the most elusive drivers for growth.

It plots senior leader’s perspectives on their company’s strengths and challenges in intuitive, visual displays for comparison and analysis.


“Most of the leadership always assumed that we were aligned – but it wasn’t until we actually asked the questions and looked at the answers that we realized how misaligned we were.”

Who is Accuiti® for?

PE Firms

Due dilligence for new acquisitions or newly merged organizations

Clearer understanding of existing portfolio companies

Identify opportunities to improve brand, sales, and marketing


Define specific areas of improvement that can be measured

Identify gaps and places of alignment with senior team

Create clearly defined opportunities for discussion

The Value of Accuiti

Baseline Measurements for each tenet in a visual manner.

Insight into the organization’s alignment and performance in how it goes to market.

Identify areas of opportunity for discussion and improvement moving forward.


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