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Accuiti is a diagnostic tool devised and developed by Sustena to measure self-reported assessments across 8 key tenets of your brand, marketing and sales. Accuiti computes baseline measures for each tenet in a visual manner, providing insight into the organization’s alignment and performance in how it goes to market. These insights identify areas of opportunity for discussion and improvement moving forward.

Is your senior team aligned on key business functions?
Do you know where the gaps or points of agreement are?
Is your entire team focused on the same end-game?

You may have assumptions, but how do you know?

This is the role that Accuiti was developed to play.

The spider graph and heat map of a newly placed CEO.

Spider graphs comparing a CEO and COO perspective, showing disparity in a few key areas that should be addressed.

This spider graph shows areas of alignment around low scores, which are equally as important to identify.

This year-over-year comparison show significant improvement from a CRO's perspective.

There was general agreement around Brand Consistency, aside from a few key participants.

This heat map identifies a large gap around targeting. The disparity warrants a conversation to ensure internal alignment.

For more information on the impact of these 8 key brand, marketing and sales tenets – see the 8 Keys to Go-to-Market Success.

“Accuiti captured insights into our sales and marketing activities we never had before. It identified areas that clearly needed improvement and areas we disagreed — this prompted important internal discussions with my leadership team. Having done so, we have made faster and smarter progress that has exceeded my (and the board’s) expectations.” – CEO, FinTech Co.

Who is Accuiti for:

PE Firms


– Due dilligence for new acquisitions or newly merged organizations
– Clearer understanding of existing portfolio companies
– Identifiy opportunities to improve brand, sales, and marketing


– Define specific areas of improvement that can be measured
– Identify gaps and places of alignment with senior team
– Create clearly defined opportunities for discussion

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