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Press Release: Sustena Positions RiverStone As Premier Insurance Business

RiskSmart Run-Off® Solutions Sets Industry Standard for Integrity and Professionalism

New York, NY – October 31, 2018– Sustena Group is proud to announce the successful rebranding of RiverStone, a leading provider of RiskSmart Run-Off® Solutions to insurers and reinsurers in the US, UK and Europe. Leveraging decades of experience in positioning, messaging, and branding complex B2B offerings for professional services companies, Sustena executed a program to articulate and deploy RiverStone’s story in the global insurance marketplace, and amplify RiverStone’s thought leadership programs through multiple channels.

“Global financial services companies today face growing risk and complexity due to changes in consumer business practices and evolving regulations,” said Sustena CEO, Brenna Garratt. “The most critical concepts to our brand positioning were RiverStone’s impeccable professional integrity and the success of their RiskSmart Run-Off Solutions, which allow businesses to responsibly exit their insurance portfolios.” Garratt explained.

The term “run-off” refers to insurers and reinsurers transferring select books of business to a third party that will continue to service valid claims for policyholders. Done responsibly, run-off serves insurers, reinsurers, shareholders, and consumers.

“We value our ongoing partnership with Sustena in developing our RiskSmart Run-Off Solutions positioning and messaging. They helped us articulate our unique story based on nearly 20 years in this business and how we help our customers sort the many factors they must balance to make their run-off strategies successful,” said RiverStone CEO Nick Bentley. “I’m confident our new brand will stand the test of time as RiverStone continues to grow while maintaining our unique culture, values, and heritage as a Fairfax company.”


About RiverStone

RiverStone delivers RiskSmart Run-Off® Solutions to insurers and reinsurers who want a fair deal and peace of mind in managing their balance sheet and their reputation with equal care. For nearly 20 years, RiverStone Group has been part of the insurance and reinsurance operations of Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited. Today, RiverStone specializes in the management of legacy and run-off insurance businesses and portfolios across the industry. As a leader in claims’ resolution, reinsurance recovery and dispute resolution, RiverStone employs over 400 professionals worldwide, operating across multiple offices and affiliates spread throughout the US, UK and Europe.

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About Sustena Group

Sustena Group is a brand development, sales enablement and go-to-market deployment firm specializing in business services, healthcare and technology. By aligning these essential functions, Sustena provides clients the key to unlocking new levels of strategic growth. Sustena’s exclusive B2B focus and multi-disciplinary methodology enables enterprises to capitalize on opportunities to achieve greater market potential. Working with many private equity-backed businesses, Sustena helps companies get to market faster, drive revenue growth and margin, and make successful exits.

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