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Sustena at SBI Studio

Brenna & Bryan on Roll-Ups

A common strategy that PE firms execute to create greater value for their businesses and investors is to bring two or more complementary portfolio companies together. Successfully executing a Roll-Up is to have command of and partners to help with the many moving parts need to happen both quickly and with stellar quality. Brenna Garratt and Bryan Jenkins in this clip from the RightStar Alliance interview at the SBI Studio discuss where they specialize and how the combined groups add essential value to both the PE firm and the newly combined business. Brenna Garratt also shares how rolling-up three known companies is easier to do than a Platform-Play where some of the Add-on companies are not yet known.

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Sustena at SBI Studio

Brenna Garratt's Advice on Roll-Ups

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Sustena at SBI Studio

Bryan Jenkins discusses Downstream Touchpoints

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Sustena at SBI Studio

Bryan Jenkins' advice on Roll-Ups

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Sustena at SBI Studio

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