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How Data Protection Affects Brand Reputations

Brands are a public statement of an organization’s commitment to consumers. And while we often speak to things that are inherently brand-centric -- value proposition, brand consistency, naming -- it is important to remember that a brand is a reflection of an organization in its entirety. In an increasingly interconnected world, brands must be cognizant of how far-reaching internal functions roll up to affect a brand’s image. In his article “Time to include Encryption as part of a Broader Data Protection Strategy”, Rahul Kumar outlines the growing importance of consumer data protection and its effect on brand reputation.

At Sustena, we have worked with many tech-enabled businesses to highlight their commitment to data protection as part of a unified brand. Find our eOriginal case study here to learn how we helped the digital lending pioneer incorporate data protection into their brand, helping consumers to “Trust the Asset. Trust the Transaction.”

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