Expanding a successful legacy to tell a broader story


With a successful legacy in automated testing, Worksoft had expanded its offering to include automated process discovery as well as RPA to provide the full spectrum of automation, but the market still viewed them only as a testing provider. The company had also expanded its reach from its heritage in SAP to other large enterprise applications. Changing these preconceptions about the business required repositioning the company and a new way to communicate their expanded offering – both verbally and in the brand’s visual expression.

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Coining the term ‘Connective Automation’ the seamless integration of the full lifecycle of a business process from Discovery to Testing to RPA – became the cornerstone of Worksoft’s new positioning.

Sustena was a great partner throughout our rebranding process - we have a very elaborate platform which made it challenging to tell our story. Their process and work was incredibly valuable to us at a critical moment in our business’s growth, and I enjoyed our collaboration together.

Jerry Dolinsky

Chairman of Worksoft



How to transition the business from a successful legacy in test automation to a highly credible provider of process discovery, automated testing and Robotic Process Automation (RPA)


We coined ‘Connective Automation’ as a ownable platform and added a business descriptor to accompany the tagline in order to showcase their full capabilities: Discovery > Testing > RPA



Worksoft needed to separate its business from competition in a way that would be easily understood by the market.


We created a memorable and dynamic visual depiction of Connective Automation that over time will be synonymous with what Worksoft provides



Equip the sales team to speak about the larger offering rather than just the legacy business


We developed a new core Sales Presentation and delivered our Targeted Message Training at the company’s Sales Kick-Off helping leadership, marketing and sales teams embrace how to stay consistent, but also how to adapt the messaging for specific audiences.


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