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Part of the global financial services conglomerate Fairfax Holdings, RiverStone is a leader in a specialized sector of run-off insurance, where insurers and reinsurers transfer select books of business to a third party who then continues to service valid claims for policyholders. Done responsibly, run-off serves insurers, reinsurers, shareholders, and consumers alike. RiverStone desired to reposition its services for the external market and had an exceptional story to tell. Given this mandate, they knew it was time to define a market-leading brand and reintroduce RiverStone to the market.

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    10 years ago RiverStone was not on anyone’s list in the external market. Five years ago, they were an option for some, when people knew about them. Now they wanted to be at the top of everyone’s list. We helped them get there.

    Case Study Illustration
    Case Study Illustration
    Case Study Illustration

    We value our ongoing partnership with Sustena. They helped us articulate our unique story based on nearly 20 years in this business and how we help our customers sort the many factors they must balance to make their run-off insurance strategies successful. As evidence of our work with Sustena, within six months after our brand launched, every other player in our industry copied what we did.
    Matt Kunish
    Chief Business Development Officer, RiverStone

    Case Study Video Cover Image
    Case Study Illustration

    Although well-known for over 20 years to other Fairfax companies, RiverStone sought to introduce itself to the external marketplace but needed a competitive brand to unseat other players.


    We created a new brand platform around RiskSmart Run-Off® solutions to distinguish RiverStone among industry stakeholders, so much so that since the launch, other players have copied them.


    Run-Off Insurance was gaining acceptance as an innovative business strategy, but few prospective clients knew who RiverStone was let alone their depth of knowledge and experience.


    We designed and built a new website and multiple pieces of collateral (video, white papers, executive briefs) to showcase RiverStone’s team, case studies, and thought leadership, setting a new industry standard. This work catapulted market awareness of RiverStone, resulting in new business opportunities within 6 months.


    Despite being a global business, RiverStone had a disconnected brand and culture and their leadership desired to use this effort to unite their business.


    After the new brand was introduced, Nick Bentley, RiverStone’s CEO shared that “Our new brand is living up to all of our expectations, and I feel confident now that we are finally being recognized for our unique culture, our heritage as a Fairfax company, and the value we bring to deals as we continue to grow.”

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