Randall Reilly

Synthesizing a multi-faceted business into one common story  


Randall Reilly started as a print marketing company for the trucking space. Through a combination of innovative leadership, organic growth and strategic acquisitions, the company has grown to encompass digital marketing, data analytics, recruiting and insurance insight – all targeted to the industrial, transportation, construction and agriculture markets. As Randall Reilly continued to grow and make numerous acquisitions, there was a need to update the story to both the internal team and the market at large in order to refresh how the business presented itself.

Private Equity

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  • Information Services


  • Positioning & Messaging
  • Visual Brand Development
  • Branded Business Tools
  • Targeted Message Training
Randall Reilly
Randall Reilly’s new descriptor line “The Growth Platform for Vital Industries” encapsulates all of what they do today and what they will do tomorrow.

Our suite of offerings was far more robust than we were able to articulate. We needed a compelling message that could serve as the common denominator for all markets. The brand work that Sustena did and the insights from the client interviews helped clearly convey who we are today and - more importantly - mapped to the vision of where we are headed.

Matt Reilly

President & CEO



How to bring together three sectors of different offerings and make the brand relevant for the overall business


Randall Reilly’s differentiation revolves around the very qualities clients value most - relationships, insights and results. Each of these attributes is multi-faceted, depending on the stakeholder and market segment, but this positioning is for everyone–employees, clients, partners, future acquisitions.



How to communicate and engage with all levels of the market, from truck drivers to OEMs


We kept the brand simple, relevant and focused on what matters to potential buyers. We simplified the story to be something clear and memorable that applies to all our stakeholders.



How do we accommodate a wide range of product offerings and make room for more to come?


Being “The Growth Platform for Vital Industries” encapsulates all of what they do today and will do tomorrow.


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