Rethinking the strategic value of Accounts Payable


MediusFlow is a PE-backed, Sweden-based, Cloud AP Automation Platform expanding into the US –– their largest potential growth market. While the market overseas for AP Automation was fairly mature, the US-market was still in its infancy. MediusFlow had a superior product, but not many companies –– aside from early adopters –– were even looking for that solution. We started by re-positioning the AP department itself as a potential strategic center of the business –– instead of merely a back-office function. For companies that were able to Control AP, they could also Control their Business. Post-launch we focused on helping Medius to get that message out to the US market through thought-leadership campaigns that re-imagined the role of AP in today’s business –– making MediusFlow the obvious bridge to that goal.


  • Accounts Payable Automation Technology


  • Positioning & Messaging
  • Brand/Product Architecture
  • Visual Brand Development
  • Branded Business Tools
  • Website Content Hub
  • Go-to-Market Strategy & Planning
  • Go-to-Market Multi-Channel Campaign
Expand a SaaS-based AP Automation Platform into their largest growth market by redefining the space they compete in.

We had recently been acquired by a PE firm and wanted to take things to a next level in North America, as well as globally. We wanted a tweak and sharpen our messaging and Sustena was able to help us tell a clear, concise and differentiating story that gave us a platform for an effective growth effort.

Fredrik Andre

(former) VP Global Marketing, Medius



Lack of awareness and clarity of the overall offering of AP Automation.


Establish a brand and clear language around the bigger picture and benefits of the category.



Separating from competition in a way that is easily understood by the market.


Others focused on technical superiority and prowess, the WHAT, where the real issue was understanding the WHY, so the brand and messaging was built to support that first.



Various buyers in the process with differing needs.


The brand had to provide a 'big enough tent' to be able to appeal to everyone, but be specific enough to matter. A targeted thought-leadership campaign accompanied the launch and rollout which helped speak directly to each audience.


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