Reinvigorating a brand at an inflection point in the travel industry


GBTA is the largest member-focused organization in the business travel industry. The organization brings the industry together through community, advocacy, and learning. After the Covid-19 pandemic, the world saw a dynamic transformation in the workplace. These changes altered the world of business travel. GBTA needed to reposition the brand to rebuild trust and articulate the full value the organization brings to its members and the global business travel industry.


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GBTA’s new tagline “Many Voices. One Purpose.” brought clarity to GBTA’s value and role in the business travel industry – a place to bring many perspectives together under one roof.

Rebranding our 55-year old association, even in the dynamic space of business travel, might have been just ‘another project’ for any other agency. Sustena turned it into an opportunity for us to get to know ourselves better – within and outside of our industry, and among our thousands of constituents. And then they turned that new awareness into transformative magic – with words, imagery, and synthesized purpose, to inspire our members and to propel us into the future.

Suzanne Neufang




Connect the brand to the organization’s name to authentically represent business travel globally.


By clarifying GBTA’s core messages, “Global Reach, Local Focus”, and through their new symbol we have helped renew GBTA’s commitments to the industry and their members. The individual pieces coming together within the symbol demonstrate how GBTA brings the industry together, globally and locally, into one space to drive progress together.



Needed to recapture its value and purpose, to rebuild relationships with members.


The new brand reaffirmed GBTA’s commitment to serving its members and the industry, bringing all sides together to face the changing environment of business travel. The new tagline “Many Voices. One Purpose.” And a bold new visual brand signaled the start of a new era for the organization.



Expand awareness of the organization’s value beyond its annual convention.


GBTA has a wide breadth of offerings, and with the descriptor line “Community, Learning, Advocacy” they are able to speak to the less tangible needs of their members: leadership, community, connection, and representation.


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