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Communicating a compelling story in an oversaturated market

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EDO provides real-time metrics to help marketers measure the effect TV Ads have on actual consumer behaviors, enabling them to optimize media placements, creative choices and audience targeting for TV Ads. Within the saturated market for TV measurement solutions, EDO needed to communicate a compelling and differentiating story in a way that focused on the value their solution provided rather than the technical differences in how their solution worked versus competitors.

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    EDO’s new tagline ‘Know What Works’ encapsulated the essence of their differentiation – rather than focusing on reach (who saw the ad) or sentiment (how viewers feel about the ad), EDO focused on what drove consumers to take action in the buying process.

    Case Study Illustration
    Case Study Illustration
    Case Study Illustration
    Case Study Illustration

    EDO needed a compelling way to communicate to buyers that their solution measured actual real-time behavioral outcomes, unlike any of their competitors.


    We helped EDO refresh their core sales deck to include elements of the new core message platform, with the message'“Actions Speak Louder Than Words”.


    As convergent TV has become the new standard for TV consumption, EDO needed to expand their story beyond just being associated with linear TV search results and increase overall brand awareness.


    With an evolved visual brand and an improved logo and color, we helped EDO convey their offering through proprietary infographics, helping clients visually understand where in the market they played.

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