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Focusing a brand’s story to align with its target audience

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Cortado Group is a go-to-market revenue growth consultancy focused on delivering rapid, measurable top-line improvements for smaller, investor-backed growth companies. By combining lean consulting principles with their curated network of go-to-market experts, they drive profitable growth for their clients – faster, better, and cheaper. As a newer organization, Cortado Group needed a new messaging platform and visual brand to communicate how its unique organizational structure was designed to disrupt the go-to-market consultancy industry.

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  • Cortado Group

    Cortado Group’s new tagline “Profitable Growth, Delivered Right” speaks to their focus on right-sizing projects for client outcomes: The right expertise, timing, impacts, and fees.

    Case Study Illustration
    Case Study Illustration
    Case Study Illustration
    Case Study Illustration
    Case Study Illustration
    Case Study Illustration

    Cortado Group has a number of contracted employees that provide project-specific expertise. This has the potential to be seen as a negative from a buyer’s perspective, creating unknown variables in the buying decision.


    We used the messaging platform to highlight the ways in which this structure was an operational advantage for Cortado Group’s clients. Their curated network of go-to-market professionals provides clients the best of both worlds - the breadth and depth of an expert network with the accountability and ease of use with a single partner.


    Cortado Group’s visual identity did very little to communicate their area of expertise and service offerings to audiences that were unfamiliar with the brand.


    We designed a new logo for the client that elegantly highlighted their expertise in revenue growth. The logo symbol ties together the Cortado Group “C” and “G” by incorporating an arrow that moves up and to the right, a nod to positive revenue growth figures.


    The client was in the process of rebuilding its website to tell a compelling visual story and needed assistance in understanding the ways in which the visual brand could be applied to communicate effectively.


    We provided the client with website design direction, showcasing the ways in which the logo symbol could be appropriately deconstructed to create graphic elements, page builds & sections, and compelling calls to action. 

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