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Complia Health
Establishing a parent brand for a global software provider

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With deep care management experience spanning over 25 years and several countries, Complia Health has served the home health, community care, residential care, and hospice industries by addressing the expanding and demanding needs of post-acute and long-term care providers.

As a result of acquiring five focused companies, the company desired to offer a portfolio of solutions but it lacked a cohesive brand and go-to-market strategy. There was a clear internal and external need to differentiate between the corporate brand and the software brands while also unifying the legacy cultures. Our quest was to create a distinct master brand that knit together these disparate businesses around a new story and marketing foundation to enable the company to target opportunities in the US – its largest growth market.

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  • Complia Health

    As a roll-up of five different care management software businesses, the company needed to unite and organize these assets under one master brand that also left room for future acquisitions and broader growth.

    Case Study Illustration
    Case Study Illustration
    Case Study Illustration

    It’s such an exciting time for our company – after a period of rapid growth into a consortium of five companies through acquisition and with no cohesive identity, it was time to coalesce under a unified brand that would grow with us. Sustena led us through the process, did thorough research to help us really understand our market dynamics and identify our unique voice. From here, they helped us develop our new name, a complete branding system including visual identity, cohesive messaging and more. With this in hand and working closely with their team, we developed a comprehensive brand launch plan that included collapsing five websites into a single experience and launching at our largest trade show. We went 'live' to the marketplace to resounding approval from our customers, investors and the market at large. We couldn’t have imagined a better result!
    Stewart Campbell
    Vice President, Global Marketing

    Case Study Illustration
    Case Study Illustration

    One of the five businesses acquired was playing the role of the parent brand and that of a product solution brand. This created confusion and would limit their growth over the long run.


    We developed a new parent name and brand. Complia Health was created to house the existing product brands and provide a distinctive, competitive advantage in the marketplace. Internally, it painted an exciting new future for their current and growing employee base.


    With established markets in Australia and Canada, and the company acquiring new US-based businesses, they needed a new story to rally around internally and externally without confusing their people or their clients.


    We developed a unifying idea “Enabling the Business of Caring” that became their positioning as it allowed flexibility for the near-term for the five businesses to tell a more specific story internal and external while also pointing to a bigger future for the collective businesses.


    How to keep the brand consistent with a new parent brand and former business brands that are now moved to product brands?


    Having developed their positioning and messaging, the company had the unifying platform for the longer-term business vision. However, one size messaging does not fit all, so we applied our Targeted Messaging Training where we shared a framework for how to keep the broader Complia Health story consistent, while also adapting the core messaging in a way to address specific audience’s needs.

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