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Clarest was a trusted institutional pharmacy expert that was looking to transition from simply providing medicine to institutional clients, to having a more holistic view of individual patients. Using their existing institutional relationships and without mitigating their legacy internal strengths around speed and accuracy of medicine delivery, Clarest needed a new name and brand platform to highlight this new strategic direction. By advancing patient health at every step, Clarest will help ensure patients live longer, healthier lives.

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    Clarest’s newly developed tagline speaks to the brand’s focus on patient care at every step in their health journey. Whether in a facility or at home - patient care is their central focus.

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    “This new brand will get us one full turn of EBITDA”
    Clarest Senior Board Member


    Clarest needed a new brand name that would speak to its future capabilities and industry focus.


    By combing the words “clarity” and “rest” the name Clarest appeared. The new brand name highlights their ability to leverage data-driven insights to optimize an individual’s care, allowing them to rest easy knowing they are in good hands. The name evokes the stature of a master healthcare brand.


    Clarest needed a new visual brand to highlight its new name and to differentiate itself in a crowded marketplace.


    The Clarest logo is multidimensional, interconnected, and far-reaching. These attributes are similar to those that Clarest displays as a company. The use of the two-tone blue within the Clarest visual brand system was deliberate as it has a differentiated feel, while feeling very approachable.


    Clarest’s legacy brand name had a lot of brand equity and recognition, which the client was worried might disappear given the name change.


    We created a tiered brand architecture transition schedule for several of the Clarest product-level offerings. This tiered transition will connect Clarest to the legacy brand, and eliminate any value loss.

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