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Repositioning a leader in financial and economic education

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CEE enables and inspires young people to shape their future and the world around them through financial and economic education. With over 70 years of experience in providing young people the tools to improve their financial literacy and make better financial decisions, CEE is a clear leader in its space. After merging with another non-profit, they needed a clear way to fold this organization into the larger story of CEE and to reposition the new brand for the future.

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  • Program Architecture Exploration
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    The new tagline Educating Today, Shaping Tomorrow and the new logo combined to help CEE tell a story about how financial and economic education have rippling impacts across families, communities, and even generations.

    Case Study Illustration
    Case Study Illustration
    Case Study Illustration
    Case Study Illustration

    The non-profit wanted to differentiate itself from new, emerging organizations that are focused on financial literacy.


    We developed an updated message platform emphasizing the impact financial and economic education can have in changing young people’s lives.


    The organization has struggled at times on how to talk about its work – encompassing the comprehensive programming it offers.


    With a new program architecture and new website design, the value CEE offers and how to get involved are clearer and more readily understood.


    Their visual branding needed to honor its esteemed history and prepare the organization for the future.


    The green ripple in their fresh, new logo represents finance, economics, and growth.

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