Reshaping a brand to be recognized as a catalyst for change


As the world faces the new realities of climate change matched with infrastructure that can’t keep up, Cadiz has been dedicated to developing assets and capabilities to address the water crisis in California and beyond. The largest private landowner in the Mojave Desert, Cadiz offers abundant and renewable sources of clean water, a nearly pest-free environment ideal for organic farming, and significant opportunities for conservation efforts. With limited brand recognition and misperceptions to combat, Cadiz needed to spread awareness of their pioneering initiatives in a field that has long needed innovation. Their near-term solutions to expand supply, conveyance, treatment, and storage of groundwater are needed now–and the new brand needed to tell that story.


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Cadiz is a water solutions innovator delivering clean, reliable, and affordable water to people through a combination of leading-edge innovation, unique assets, and the highest standards of environmental stewardship.

Well done, Sustena. We have arrived.

Susan Kennedy

Board Member



With a limiting reputation in California as a ‘water project,’ compounded with unfounded oppositional storylines that were difficult to shake, Cadiz needed to rehabilitate and redefine its reputation.


By repositioning Cadiz as a water solutions innovator rather than just a water supply project, the new brand allowed Cadiz to emerge as an innovator in a space that historically lacks innovation.



With recent acquisitions, Board appointments, and expanded offerings, Cadiz was having difficulty consistently articulating who they were and the value they provided to their core audiences.


By defining Cadiz’s purpose, vision, mission, and values, both internal and external audiences will not only know who they are but what drives them, what Cadiz stands for, their goals, and ultimately - the decision-making filters Cadiz uses to get closer to those goals.



Cadiz needed a new visual identity to represent to their audiences that they are technologically advanced, modern-day innovators working to help all people have access to clean, reliable and affordable water.


The new Cadiz logo signals change with the stylized water drop and fingerprint elements. The symbol ties back to the human need for water that Cadiz addresses. The modern rendering speaks to innovation and its curved parallel lines represent conveyance and connectivity.


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