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Cadient Talent
Solving a very specific and largely untapped hiring need

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As a spin-out from workforce management giant – Kronos, the newly emerging company had a very focused offering – a tried and true hiring solution for distributed hourly workforces. The business’ technology had not been supported for quite some time yet it still was ingrained in the operations of its clients. As a stand-alone entity, the challenge was to name the company, clearly position their offering, and tell a benefit-driven story to shore up their existing client base and attract new ones. From here, our goal was to build something compelling that gave the incoming internal team a new brand to rally around and to project confidence about “NewCo’s” expertise.

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  • Cadient Talent

    With deep HR tech experience, Cadient’s leadership team understood the ins-and-outs of the distributed workforce giving them a true sense of the ‘Pulse of the Field’ – which was key to building their brand.

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    Sustena has delivered an insightful and evocative new brand that clearly captures the unique value we provide; becoming the go-to partner to help our customers’ in their workforce hiring needs. The alignment of our unique positioning with how we go to market has been a valuable asset to drive new business and build greater value for our clients.
    Jim Buchanan
    CEO, Cadient Talent

    Case Study Illustration
    Case Study Illustration
    Case Study Illustration

    Refresh a internal organization that had been a ‘corporate orphan’


    Naming the company Cadient Talent and underpinning the brand with the benefit of their offering provided a sense of value and purpose – reinvigorating an entire internal team


    Differentiate the business in the extremely competitive HR Technology arena


    A few of Cadient Talent’s existing clients also engaged them to help with some of the corporate hiring needs, this led to internal pondering if we should broaden their positioning and value proposition. We advised against this because it would dilute their clear focus and specialization in helping businesses address the unique demands of the hiring hourly workers and negate a powerful competitive advantage they had.


    When to focus on the “what” – the business benefit Cadient Talent provides its clients versus the “how” – the features and functionality that make their technology solutions work.


    When we develop a message platform, we ensure it addresses multiple key audiences. These messages roll up into an inclusive value proposition that then serves a company’s positioning statement. The ‘art’ of using this platform is to know when the needs of different audiences require careful adapting of the core messages. We helped Cadient with this framework, allowing them to be flexible while also maintaining brand consistency.

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