Building a new brand that echoed the values of the business


Patient Accounts Services (PAS) was a successful healthcare revenue cycle business focused primarily on patient financial responsibility for large academic health systems. Their heartfelt culture and the outstanding service they provided to their clients’ patients helped inspire customer satisfaction and loyalty. With a new infusion of capital from a leading private equity firm, PAS was looking to raise its market awareness, create greater brand recall, improve its sales approach, and grow the business. During our engagement, the company merged with a like-minded company, The Sirrus Group (Sirrus), who provided commercial insurance reimbursement. Together, they needed their new brand to reflect their broader value proposition while also keeping it centered on their mutual values.

Private Equity

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  • Healthcare Revenue
  • Cycle Management


  • Positioning & Messaging
  • Company Name
  • Visual Brand Development
  • Branded Business Tools
  • Content Development
  • Website Development
  • Targeted Message Training
  • Case Studies
  • Brand Launch Planning
With the new name Acclara, the brand was focused on the idea that financial performance and patient experience were two sides of the same coin, culminating in the tagline ‘Patient-First Financial Excellence.’

We are very impressed by Sustena's work. We have a great team that delivers an incredibly valuable array of services to our clients and their patients, but our old brand was not representing the value we provide. Going through this process and seeing the end result, I can now fully appreciate the importance of a thoughtful, deliberate brand that captures the exceptional work and service of the people behind our company.

Tom DuBrul

CEO, Acclara



Capitalize on the success of a largely unknown Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) provider to articulate a unique position in a crowded market.


We repositioned Patient Accounts Services (PAS) around the concept of “Patient-First Financial Excellence” and renamed the business Acclara – a proprietary name representing the clarity the company provides in helping patients understand their healthcare financial responsibility.



Partway through our engagement, a new acquisition was made to expand the offering to include commercial insurance reimbursement.


We shifted the positioning and expanded the messaging to tell a more robust story while working closely with the Acclara team to include the new acquisition into the brand launch activities to unite the new internal team.



Grow market awareness and improve how they present themselves to prospective clients.


We assisted the Acclara team in orchestrating a carefully controlled brand launch including a new website, training to use the new message platform for all employees, and new sales tools to differentiate the company based on their corporate values and new positioning.


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