Taylor Tomasini


Taylor is a trusted advisor for executives on mission-critical strategic issues. His experience includes bringing new product offerings to the market, building out product management organizations, strategizing on market position, measuring customer experience, setting corporate strategy, transforming organizations, and managing change. And he has deep expertise in helping organizations leverage whitespace in the market to create differentiated products and services.​ In his free time Taylor is an avid runner, clay shooter, and cookbook collector.

Favorite Brands

Often a great brand is about a brand promise, and there’s little that’s more iconic than the Nike slogan and the Nike logo. But my appreciation for Nike is in how they’ve built branding and marketing into everything that they do. Nike dominates the marathon running space with their signature Nike Vaporfly shoes, and their marketing is brilliant. Not only are the shoes obsessively designed and objectively better, but they’re also pink (so they get talked about), and Nike has used them as the foundation for a PR campaign to break the marathon world record. Brilliant.
Garmin used to be known for the GPS device that got replaced when the iPhone became popular enough and powerful enough to bring GPS to your pocket. But the company has evolved its purpose and its brand identity to bring high performance devices to a very niche group. Lesser companies would have gone bankrupt trying to hold onto their old identity.

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