Kepler Knott

Senior Director

Kepler delivers research, strategy and communications to help technology-based products and services clients create and grow markets. Whether for founders at investor-backed companies or with F500 leaders, he believes all marketing should help create and tell stories that enable growth in capital, customers, and employees. Outside of work, Kepler tries to be of service where he can (teaching, military, non-profits), and today lives with his wife and 2 daughters in North Carolina where likes to ‘farm’ (ok, it’s a big garden) and fish.

Favorite Brands

They build community beyond the dollars, which is saying a lot for a bank. They lean forward to understand what customers want in life (or may want), and it’s the only large company that has ever contacted me to say I was spending “too much money” on a particular product. Great service!
Braver Angels
In the non-profit world, brands still matter a lot too. I am attracted to their mission to figure out how to bring individuals and communities together for dialog and understanding, a much needed service in our world today.

Other Team Members