Georgiana Franks

Senior Director

Georgiana (Georgii) excels at keeping teams organized, on task and focused on the bigger picture for their brands. With a talent for operations, strategy, and project management, Georgii embraces working with diverse groups in fast-paced environments. She honed her skills for finding and analyzing trends in data in her studies in University at Buffalo’s MBA program. As someone who does not like to stay put for too long, Georgii enjoys traveling and spending her free time out in the fresh air – running and staying active.

Favorite Brands

Cocokind is an approachable, affordable clean beauty line that centers their entire premise around being natural and conscious. Their recent rebranding connects to this premise with the use of pastel colors and gentle language that evoke comfort and nature. In a world where using ‘clean products’ oftentimes comes with a hefty price tag, I appreciate how Cocokind allows consumers the access to safe, affordable products that make you feel good.
Whole Foods
Ever since I was able to drive I have been obsessed with making weekly Whole Foods runs to try out new products that aren’t available in mainstream supermarkets. Whole Foods is a brand that stands for simplicity and quality and their name clearly explains what it is they offer and as a customer you know what to expect when you visit one of their stores.

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