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Establishing a Parent Brand for a Global Software Provider for Long-Term and Post Acute Care

Complia Health Case Study


The Context

With deep experience spanning over 25 years, Complia Health has served the home health, community care, residential care, and hospice industries by addressing the expanding and demanding needs of post-acute and long-term care providers.

As a result of acquiring five distinct software products/companies the company desired to offer a portfolio of services, but it lacked a cohesive brand and go-to-market strategy. There was a clear internal and external need to differentiate between the corporate brand and the product brands while also unifying the legacy cultures from the individual companies. Further complicating matters, the original corporate name and brand was derived from one of the businesses and was well established in markets throughout Australia and Canada. Our quest was to create a distinct master brand that knit together these disparate brands and businesses and define a compelling brand and marketing foundation that also enabled the company to targeted its highest growth marketplace – the US.




Our Solution

Sustena Group repositioned the organization with a new corporate name and brand – Complia Health – to house the existing product brands and provide a distinctive, competitive advantage in the marketplace. Internally, this created a clear, compelling and powerful story for current and future employees.

Complia Health’s unique brand system, connected the parent brand to its product brand through clever icons, a contemporary color palette and thoughtful imagery that reflected the home care industry.  Complia Health’s positioning was expressed in its tagline “Enabling the Business of Caring”, reflecting their ethos and comprehensive offerings.


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