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The Role of Marketing in Customer Success

Branding and marketing professionals are tasked with communicating a brand’s value and point of differentiation, in turn creating a compelling story for consumers. These stories are a critical part of driving brand growth and increasing revenue. And while most marketing professionals got into the business because they believe in the before mentioned power of storytelling, it is understood that marketing must drive the aft mentioned revenue growth to garner value within an organization. In the LLR Partners article “The Role of Marketing in Customer Success: Protect, Grow and Leverage Your Base”, Eric Masters outlines a three-step process by which marketers can drive revenue by protecting, growing, and leveraging existing client relationships. Where marketing storytelling may fall flat with prospects, there are existing clients who loved the first version of the story and need to hear it again.

Find more from Masters here about how to properly protect, grow, and leverage existing client relationships.

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