The Power of Branding During Slow Times

A slow business cycle does not have to mean an unproductive one. It is in slow times that the best companies focus attention internally to evaluate and strengthen key parts of their business, including their brand. A slower cycle provides breathing room to ask: how could we tell a more engaging story around our value to customers?

An effective place to start this exercise is by evaluating your brand positioning and core messaging. Keep it simple – break through the clutter. No matter how complex or innovative a brand is, the point of differentiation should be concisely articulated. All too often, brands dilute their core message & brand mission with over-used industry jargon. A good test of clear messaging is to ask yourself if a typical prospect could easily repeat your 3-5 most important differentiators to their colleagues after meeting with you. If they can’t, there is still work to be done in simplifying the story of what your company does and the value you provide.

Once you have aligned on your value proposition, how does this story get expressed visually? What graphics, images, or designs will aid the storytelling and accentuate the key points to your audience? Once you’ve established a solid foundation of positioning and strategic visuals, you can begin evaluating downstream parts of your brand such as your sales and marketing tools, industry positioning, and your digital presence.

By sharpening your brand, you are preparing your business to take full advantage of the upswing in business when it comes, but also creating greater ‘stickiness’ with clients by telling a deeper, more engaging story around your value.


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