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Sustena Group

Diagnose your organization's Go-to-Market success!

Sustena Group Sustena Group


Driving Strategic Growth by aligning brand development, sales enablement and
go-to-market planning and deployment.

Sustena Group fundamentally believes that aligning these essential functions is the key to strategic growth. Our multi-disciplinary methodology enables business services, healthcare and technology organizations to address the challenges currently derailing growth in order to reach new levels of success.



Brand Development

Deliberately positioning organizations in their marketplace, developing differentiated core and targeted messages and ensuring the visual brand is compelling and aligned with this foundation.


Sales Enablement

Strategic and ongoing sales processes that equip all client-facing teams with the ability to systematically identify, qualify and communicate to the right decision makers with the right needs at the right time.



Planning and deploying an aligned approach to attract, engage and nurture targeted prospects, provide essential insights to shorten sales cycles and execute programs to secure new customers.



Business services firms are often challenged by market parity, daunting competition or creating new markets. They need to define and promote intangible services in a tangible fashion, express their business value and differentiation, sell to the right audiences, and go-to-market in an aligned and consistent manner.


Healthcare organizations continue to see tectonic changes in regulation and reimbursement rules, along with emerging technologies to improve the quality and cost effectiveness of care. They must articulate and demonstrate their unique business model and value proposition in a way that immediately engages clients, partners, investors and other critical audiences.


Technology businesses must communicate their value as succinctly and jargon-free as possible in their rapidly evolving marketplace. They need to stand out amongst a competitive landscape of behemoths and start-ups, and ensure that both their direct and indirect sales teams are equipped with the right message, delivered to the right buyer, at the right time.


Our holistic and highly focused approach centers on the critical elements that communicate your organizational uniqueness and value – inside and out.


Our solutions build on your core strengths to create alignment of critical business functions for profitable and sustainable growth.


  • Primary Research
  • Strategic Market Positioning
  • Core Messaging
  • Targeted Messaging
  • Visual Brand Development


  • Primary Research
  • Sales Strategy
  • Target Prospect Profiling
  • Qualification Criteria


  • Website Development
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Sales Tools and Templates
  • Brand/Product Launches


  • Pipeline Management
  • Lead Generation
  • Executive Forums and Summits
  • Channel Partner Programs


Sustena Group's proven methodology has helped many companies achieve success. Our methodology is comprised of eight phases.

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  • Identify Organizational Goals
  • Internal Discover Workshop
  • Review Existing Sales & Marketing Materials
  • Competitive Analysis


  • Explore Market Perceptions via External Interviews
  • Deconstruct Case Studies of Past Successes
  • Document Unifying Trends and Triggering Events
  • Analyze Data, Make Brand Positioning and Core Messaging Recommendations


  • Market Positioning and Strategic Message Platform
  • Name / Tagline and Brand Architecture (as applicable)
  • Target Messaging Framework
  • Prospect Profiles and Qualification Criteria
  • Visual Brand Development


  • Go-to-Market Strategy & Planning
  • Website Development
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Sales Tools and Templates
  • Brand / Product Launches


  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Lead Generation Programs
  • Thought Leadership
  • Case Study Development
  • Public Relations
  • Social Media


  • Cross-sell and Upsell Programs
  • Direct and Channel Partner Sales Programs
  • Executive Forums and Summits
  • Interim Sales Management


  • Gather Feedback, Metrics and Key Perceptions
  • Brand Management Support & Sales Training
  • Outsourced Marketing and/or Sales Program Management


  • Measure and Steward the Brand
  • Unify Sales and Operations for Scalable Growth
  • “Lather, Rinse, and Repeat”
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A distinctive marketplace positioning unifies and aligns all functional areas toward a common strategic purpose, enabling growth and scalability.



An internal understanding and a consistent go-to-market plan will raise awareness and add greater value to key audiences: clients, prospects, investors, analysts and advisors.



By articulating a company’s strategic direction, value and differentiation, we set it apart from the competition, enhance deal flow, sell more effectively and increase market share.



As an organization evolves its business offerings, so too must it evolve its brand. Done well, customers and prospects will understand how and why new products and services add value to their business.



Changes that begin internally and are properly turned outward will intrigue and enhance market perceptions and sales opportunities, add go-to-market clarity and aid in attracting new talent.



Strategic brands, well-managed pipelines and focused go-to-market plans attract and impress astute acquirers and optimize valuations.


Who We Serve


We are an experienced team with deep expertise in Brand, Sales, and Go-to-Market planning and deployment.

Under Brenna’s leadership, Sustena Group’s multi-disciplinary teams fulfill a wide range of strategic and creative go-to-market assignments for their clients – from developing new brands for innovative businesses to repositioning large organizations to compete more effectively in complex marketplaces. Brenna has been instrumental in collaborating with senior executives to reshape, reposition and deploy existing brands as well as invent, position, and create new ones.

Brenna and her talented team have worked with many prominent companies such as Accenture, Capgemini, Cardinal Health, Dow Jones, Exult, Fidelity, Genpact, Hewitt, Lazard, Mercer, Pinstripe, RiverStone, Sykes, Texaco and WNS. She has also had extensive experience in working with many private equity firms and their portfolio companies, namely: Accretive LLC, Altaris Capital, Baird Capital Partners, Carrick Capital Partners, GCI, GE Ventures, General Atlantic Partners, Health Enterprise Partners, Pritzker Group and Warburg Pincus.

A frequent speaker and author on an array of topics regarding business-to-business branding and marketing, Brenna is also involved in various industry associations. She is a past board member of the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) and a member of the Advisory Boards of HfS Research and Rideau Recognition Solutions.

With 25+ years of experience in building successful companies, Raju Venkatraman is a seasoned global entrepreneur with strong financial acumen, business strategy, and leadership skills.

He founded Syven Capital in 2014 with a focus on technology-driven companies that are motivated by both profit and social change. In his current role as operating partner and advisor to Syven’s portfolio companies, Raju works closely with the leadership teams to achieve a step-change in performance and growth.

Prior to founding Syven Capital, Raju was the founder and CEO of two successful consulting companies that continue to serve leading financial services firms. He grew Syven Technologies and Syven Global Services by charting their strategic direction, building enduring client relationships, and overseeing business development activities.

Beyond this hands-on experience, Raju is a trained 'principled negotiator' with extensive experience in cross-cultural negotiations for business transactions and managing conflicts. He graduated with a MBA from Cornell University and remains an active alumnus of the Johnson School at Cornell.

Raju is a SCORE certified Mentor and Volunteer offering free mentoring and coaching to small business owners.

With a focus on market development for high-growth enterprises, Kepler has held senior leadership positions at G2 Research (boutique research firm, acquired by Gartner Group), Equitant (European-based financial services outsourcing, acquired by IBM), and Accenture, where he worked as Director of Market & Competitive Intelligence in direct support of the firm's CEO and Executive Committee.

Over his career, Kepler has served clients, ranging from F1000 CEOs to founders of private equity and venture capital-backed businesses. He has been a noted technology and B2B services analyst and strategist for over 20 years. Today, his focus is on developing growth and go-to-market programs for innovators in technology-based B2B solutions and IT-based professional services.

Kepler’s work and life experience have led him all over the world, including Afghanistan, China, Costa Rica, Ireland, Japan, and Russia. His formal education includes an M.A. in International Policy Studies from The Monterey Institute (the graduate school for Middlebury College), and a B.A. from Duke University.

Andrea O'Neill has been creating and refining leading B2B brands and overall visual communications for clients from a wide array of industries for over 25 years. As an accomplished Creative Director, Andrea’s greatest strength is exemplified in her ability to identify the aspects that make businesses truly unique, pair them with the attributes that matter most to their market, and then bring these concepts to life through memorable and impactful visuals. Bringing strategy and creativity together in one person, Andrea excels at helping brands achieve that ‘aha’ moment with their customers.

She is equally comfortable evolving existing brands and developing radical new brands that match the sensibilities of their target audience. A representative sample of clients Andrea has guided are: Intuit, Sabre (Travelocity, Travelocity Business, GetThere, Sabre Travel Network, etc.), HP, Nokia, Mercury, Teradata, Thompson Reuters, Mercer, Fidelity, and Cardinal Health.

Andrea received her BA in Graphic Design from UCLA. She went on to open her first design studio in 1990 and has since deployed dozens of successful brands into the market. She has successfully partnered with Sustena since its inception and has worked with members of the team for over 10 years.

Stacy uses her sharp eye for detail, ability to “see around corners,” and understanding of workplace logistics to keep Sustena focused and friendly and client projects running smoothly. Adept at balancing multiple tasks and issues, she oversees Sustena’s operations, specifically our production, processes and procedures.

Stacy developed her deep understanding of management and communications with companies such as Wolff-Olins, Xando-Cosi, Barnes & Noble and The Trump Corporation. With a background in operations, HR, finance and design management, her experience with large and entrepreneurial organizations enables her to relate to clients, as well as to troubleshoot and support the needs of both our clients and team.

Stacy has a Masters in Design Management from the Pratt Institute, a BA from the State University of New York at Albany, and a summer at Oxford University. She has participated in branding conferences at the Columbia Business School, and received awards from the NASFM and Capitol Hill Business Association. She is also a CDW Advisory Board member.

With dual expertise in research and linguistics, Stephen excels at uncovering key business insights and bringing them to life in clearly articulated prose. He has an impressive ability to organize complex ideas into distinct and meaningful themes and to understand the intricacies of language. Together, these traits have helped him support the Sustena team in crafting unique brands for B2B clients in healthcare and technology-based B2B solutions and IT-based professional services.

Stephen has experience working with clients in business services including Entercoms, OnProcess Technology, and Vitalyst; healthcare including Acutus Medical, Applied Pathways, Patient Account Services; and financial services/private equity including Carrick Capital Partners, Greystone, and Pritzker Group. He also has worked with nonprofit brands such as Comer Education Campus, NYC Rescue Mission and UtmostU.

Stephen graduated with distinction from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a double major in American History and Arab Cultures. He was UNC’s first undergraduate student to receive a fellowship at the Center for Arabic Study Abroad (CASA). With this honor, he studied Arabic in Cairo, Egypt.

Laura’s core focus is two-fold, she supports and contributes to our brand strategy team and is a tenacious project manager. She has worked with complex B2B brands in healthcare, technology and professional services companies, including Complia Health, Microsystems, Rideau Recognition Solutions, and RiverStone.

With her passion for research and marketing along with an eye for detail and design, Laura brings a unique perspective to brand development. Laura has a rich and varied background, having worked in areas of B2B marketing, digital, and business development during her tenure at Wechsler Ross & Partners, Addison and 9/11 Tribute Center.

Laura received her B.A. from St. Francis College in English Literature and her M.A. from Brooklyn College.

Bryan is an award-winning senior brand strategist and creative director who brings a strong multi-discipline approach to the firm. He has led several successful national branding and re-branding efforts across multiple sectors including technology, insurance, financial services and construction / building supply.

With experience across a wide variety of communication channels - from digital and video to environmental and traditional, Bryan is able to tell a focused, compelling story in today’s segmented media environment–which is critical for launching brands across markets.

Having lived in NYC for 20+ years working as a copywriter, art director, brand strategist, journalist and purveyor of fine craft beef jerky, Bryan calls Brooklyn home where he’s either coaching his daughter’s ever-improving softball team or “letting” his son score on him on the soccer pitch.

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