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We drive strategic growth


Our clients are B2B businesses ranging from well-established organizations seeking a new way forward to innovative, PE-backed services, technology or healthcare businesses who have a window of time to achieve meaningful growth milestones and/or an exit likely via an acquisition or an IPO.

Our clients are typically looking to:

  • Position businesses to enter, grow and/or scale in new markets
  • Overcome limited name recognition and market awareness hampering growth
  • Differentiate and compete more effectively in response to specific market trends
  • Drive sustainable GTM programs to increase brand awareness and generate leads
  • Target “Right x 4” – right messages, right buyers, right time, right manner
  • Name and define new brands for newly formed or changing businesses
  • Become an employer of choice to attract and grow new talent
  • Position the company for a planned exit


Many aspects of a business are directly or indirectly tethered to a company’s brand, how they sell, or how they go-to-market. Over the years we have helped our clients address common and unique business challenges – we often say “brand strategy is business strategy.”

Lack of a Consistent, Compelling Story

Brands have amazing centrifugal force – they just want to blow apart. Having a compelling story that can be consistently delivered is a must-have today. Imagine having a unique elevator pitch that can actually be finished in an elevator!

Upcoming M&A or Investment Activity

Being simultaneously focused on near-term growth and longer-term positioning increases the likelihood of attracting investors, suitors or merger candidates. Strategic positioning, messaging and go-to-market considerations are paramount to success.

New Products and Services

Adding new offerings often requires rethinking a company’s nomenclature or product architecture which can dovetail into a business’s brand, marketing and sales strategy. Avoid doing this in a vacuum as this will impact the overall organization.

Need to Compete More Effectively

Without a clearly differentiated brand, companies risk competing on parity and price. Achieving the next level of growth requires leveraging a strategic brand foundation and a go-to-market plan aimed to increase brand awareness and attract the right targets.

Need for a Company Name

Strategic business reasons may require a company to change its name or to create a new one. Thoughtful consideration needs to be given to the company’s market positioning and the opportunity to introduce a new brand internally.

Not Targeting the Right Prospects

The right message delivered to the wrong prospect or at the wrong time will fall on deaf ears. The key to unlocking the potential of your brand is a go-to-market approach that uses the right message at the right time to attract the right buyer.

Lack of Market Awareness & Lead Generation

Scouring a collective rolodex only goes so far. Essential to attracting and converting new prospects is to ensure sales and marketing groups are focused on the right target audiences and aligned in their objectives, processes and tools.

New Leadership

Incoming senior leadership often look to strategically change the course of the business. Inevitable improvements to a business’s brand, sales, and go-to-market efforts will follow and can have a decisive impact in a surprisingly short timeframe.

Looking to become the Employer of Choice

A company’s greatest resource is its talent, and good brands attract loyalty internally just as well as they do externally. A carefully crafted brand and go-to-market program appeal to the right prospective employees as well as prospective clients.

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