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Stacy Colonna

Chief Operating Officer

Stacy has decades of management and communications expertise and oversees Sustena’s operations, specifically production, processes, and procedures. She has an uncanny ability to ‘see around corners’ and anticipate challenges to keep our workplace and our clients’ projects running smoothly. Stacy is never more than a click away with the perfect funny picture/video to make everyone smile.

Favorite Brands

Marcel Wanders


“Design is at its pinnacle when it reveals itself in the least expected manner and evokes an emotional, involuntary response of joy and enlightenment.”
What draws me to brands is their ability to delight, amaze and simply leave me breathless. Based in Amsterdam, his brand is iconic, global and unmistakable. You know it when you see it – and it never fails to leave you with his fabulous sense of bold, daring design.



Having spent the first half of my career in real estate, construction, store planning and interior design, I love brands with strong design influences. Seletti successfully blends the everyday with a unique twist that brings a sense of fun and humor to each piece they create. They deliver not only on shape and function but also whimsy and delight. Their iconic visuals set them apart and they have captured not just the Italian buyer, but the global one.

Other Team Members

Chief Executive Officer

Brenna Garratt

Executive Vice President

Bryan Jenkins

Vice President

Stephen Strigle