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Hugo Naurais

Senior Director

Hugo is a mission-driven strategist with progressive experience in various facets of business & branding strategy. By levering past experiences as a consultant across different industries, Hugo brings insightful analysis to assist companies’ development. On his down time, Hugo can be found traveling, playing sports or at an art gallery.

Favorite Brands



Spotify became the top choice for online music lovers, leveraging its impressive catalog of exclusive music and continually innovating to captivate and engage users. From a brand perspective, the bright, clean, and simple design is a timeless display of creativity, determination and excitement. The platform is a great example of an internet marketplace that strives to provide a better service to both sides: artists and fans, facilitating connections and fostering engagement.

Red Bull


Red Bull's brand building is largely based on associating with an amazingly wide range of people, teams, and events, from F1 to Breakdancing to Cliff diving. I love the brand's approach to creating a distinct personality revolving around energy, audacity, adventure, and fun.

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