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Devon LeRose

Director, Design

Devon is a graphic designer with years of experience in brand development and marketing. Her ability to find and tell compelling visual stories is enhanced by a background in Photojournalism, videography, and a lifelong interest in digital art and illustration; she taught herself how to use Photoshop at age 10, and the rest is history. Having lived in Los Angeles, Boston, and Seattle, Devon feels most at home among the mountains and forests of the Pacific Northwest.

Favorite Brands

K2 Sports


K2 is a local brand here in Seattle, but it’s also one of the biggest and most recognizable ski and snowboard companies in the world. I have always thought that K2’s logo is as good an example of a simple, timeless mark as Nike or Apple; it works in environments that feel classic, retro, modern, and pretty much everything in between. K2 has always maintained a parent brand that feels effectively connected to its sub-brands, each of which cater to a different specialized audience.

West Elm


I love the clean and classic feel of West Elm’s brand, which embraces white space and a warm, earthy color palette that complements the rich photography at the center of the brand without overpowering it. Serif headlines, sans serif labels and hand-drawn accents work together to make the brand feel both sophisticated and cozy.

Other Team Members

Chief Executive Officer

Brenna Garratt

Chief Operating Officer

Stacy Colonna

Executive Vice President

Bryan Jenkins