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Andrea O'Neill

Senior Director, Strategist

Andrea is an experienced brand development leader with deep skills in research, strategy, messaging, and visual design. She has a unique ability to unearth and highlight the salient elements that help businesses connect meaningfully to their audience through words, symbols, and experiences.

Favorite Brands



As a visual brand system Apple has the perfect balance of simple, clean design that manages to feel modern and highly manicured, yet still approachable. The innovation and quality of their products has been unsurpassed for decades, and exemplifies a true brand experience online, in-store, and in-use.

Seattle Seahawks


I loved the Seahawks brand even before I became a Seattle resident. The team logo artfully captures the tribal roots of the region with both modern and historic nuance. The vibrant lime green paired with navy blue evokes the water and trees that are a hallmark of the region, while providing a unique and highly identifiable color pairing in football. In addition to the Seahawk emblem, the “12” flag is a brilliant branding element that represents “the fans” as the twelfth member of the team. What’s not to love?

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