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Lunch Time at Amazon Go Store

Welcome to the perfect “stop and go” mecca to grab anything from a bag of chips, pre-made lunches, to a variety of groceries and meal kits for cooking at home. We decided to experience this for ourselves and walked into the Amazon Go store on Park Ave, clutching reusable bags and prepared ourselves for the exciting unknown of Amazon’s fresh take on grocery shopping.

Consumerism without lines, crowds, or stress almost didn’t feel right. I mean this is Midtown in New York City at lunch time. The lack of chaos was unsettling. We accredited this stress-free experience to the revolutionary system that Amazon has implemented to facilitate an easy grocery shopping adventure which is cohesive with their branding vision: easy, user friendly and innovative.

Upon entering the store, we only had to scan our Amazon Go app on our phones and started scouring the aisles. Once we decided on our lunch for the day, we simply walked out of the store with sensors scanning the items in our bag. The sensors, after having scanned all the items, charge whatever card has been linked to your Amazon account and follows-up with an electronic receipt sent over text message or email. It almost seemed taboo to avoid lines at cashier checkouts which dangerously cut into the lunch break rush. However, Amazon assures that this process is both sensical, ethical and consumer focused. Amazon has remained committed to their brand foundation by being customer rather than competitor focused.

This innovative establishment is the first of its kind, and is a symbol of the steadfast trajectory of Amazon’s passion for creating consumer friendly ventures (also seen in their Amazon pop- up stores, Bookstores, and Roaming Treasure Trucks). Their commitment to operational excellence is evident in their selection, price and convenience— although the prices in-store are slightly higher than online due to real estate, local pricing and demand.

This store is an excellent example of a good brand that actively aligns to their core values and emphasizes an image they have embodied through a carefully and thoughtfully marketed process that came to life through their operations. The process is painless and, dare I say, enjoyable! This feels like a grocery store from a distant utopian society, however, it exists firmly in reality only a touch of an Amazon Go app away.

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