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Creating an Industry Pioneer and Market Leader in HR Outsourcing

Exult Case Study


The Context

Before the innovative idea of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) was an accepted business practice, leaders at the private equity firm General Atlantic Partners had conceived a radical new business premise – to build a company who would specialize in Human Resources and would manage the HR business function on behalf of Global 500 companies. General Atlantic knew that a brand and Go-to-Market plan would be essential assets if this new company and new industry were going to be successful. With this mandate, we set off to develop and bring to market an innovative brand which would set a high bar and a barrier to entry for inevitable competition.

Our Solution

We named the new company Exult meaning “to leap for joy, be jubilant,” emphasizing positive human emotion and giving the company timeless value. The company’s unparalleled success was securing a $600M 5-year contract within seven months, closing a $1B 10-year contract two years later, and successfully going public within its first 3 years. The brand evolved several times in the five years we stewarded it. Its last marketing theme, the Multiply℠ campaign, updated the brand’s value proposition from a start-up’s theoretical promise to actual proven results. Five years after Exult was founded, Hewitt acquired the business for $695M.

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