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Senior Brand Strategist

Estimated Project Timeline: Approximately 12 – 25 weeks pending scope of the engagement

Fees: Negotiable fixed fee pending scope of the engagement

Description: Sustena is looking for experienced senior brand strategists, interested in working on a project basis to supplement our core team. While the specific responsibilities may vary slightly depending on the client engagement, at its essence, the role would include conducting, analyzing, and presenting brand research, crafting the brand positioning and core messaging, as well as providing strategic content and direction to downstream deliverables (Core Sales Deck, Brand Video, Web strategy, Message Training etc.). This role would be supported by an account lead, a project management lead, and potentially a support strategist / creative team (pending the needs and budget of the project) to help execute key deliverables. The Senior Brand Strategist would be ultimately responsible for driving the successful delivery of these core brand strategy deliverables.


  • Serve as a strategic and trusted partner to our clients, building our credibility and relationship with key executive stakeholders
  • Share guidance, mentorship, and feedback with more junior team members on the project to help them better understand the brand strategy process as well as effective client management
  • Communicate clearly and effectively with our team and our clients
  • Participate in regular status meetings, both internal and client-facing (typically 30 minutes once a week for each)
  • Review strategic background documents provided by the client for context
  • Conduct brand research workshops and interviews with client executives and their customers/partners
  • Conduct competitive brand research to identify white space opportunities for positioning and messaging
  • Develop and deliver a presentation highlighting key themes of the research as well as initial recommendations on positioning, tagline, and core messages
  • Work in collaboration with the client to co-create and fine tune the final message platform
  • Provide strategic direction and content to key sales & marketing tools needed for that specific project (core sales deck, overview sheet, brand video, website, marketing campaign concept etc.)
  • Offer strategic viewpoint on creative work being done on the project – i.e. does this creative meet the needs of the company’s strategy?
  • Craft strategic communications and tools for brand launch such as partner email templates, internal brand launch presentation, message training, etc. as needed for that specific project


Sustena will provide key templates for

  • Discover Workshop (internal research sessions)
  • External Interview Questionnaire (for Voice of Customer and Voice of Market)
  • Brand Findings (internal and external key themes readout, competitive research, and positioning, messaging, and tagline recommendations)
  • Message Training (if scoped) – a process for training client sales/account teams to use the new messaging
  • Past examples of other downstream deliverables such as Overview Decks or Internal Brand Launch Announcement presentations

Sustena will provide an account lead for the project

  • Owning the overall client relationship
  • Guiding the high-level process and ensuring everyone has what they need to fulfill their roles on the project
  • Handling any scope or contractual questions with the client
  • Serving as the ‘inside client’ for key deliverables

Sustena will provide a project manager for the project

  • Managing all files, schedules, and deadlines

  • Preparing and running status calls

  • Ensuring the appropriate templates/tools are shared

  • Scheduling research interviews

  • Anticipating next parts of process and smoothing out operational parts of the project as needed

  • A support strategist may join the project pending scope and budget, but the Senior Brand Strategist is ultimately responsible for maintaining the quality of the final strategy deliverables

  • Creative resources will be provided along the way as needed per the scope of the client agreement

Who We Are: Sustena is a B2B brand development and go-to-market firm with a clear focus of helping portfolio companies of private equity firms rally their teams, engage their markets, improve their business value, ad increase stakeholder returns.

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