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A Simple 3-Step Process to Achieving Greatness

The Entrepreneur article linked below looks to simplify the ever daunting task of “achieving greatness”. As humans, we desire greatness in almost every aspect of our lives. But sometimes the pursuit of greatness, combined with intense focus and passion, can skew or alter the perspective of the original goal. The article breaks-down the “Process of Achieving Greatness” into three simple steps: 1.) Write it down 2.) Look at it every day 3.) Start with a plan. While those steps may seem like an outrageous oversimplification to bracket your organization into, take a moment and see if you can apply those three tenets to your business and brand.

  1. Write it down:
    • How clearly can you communicate what it is that you do? Can you write in a few short sentences what your distinct value is? No matter how complex an organization, the brand position and value proposition of the business and brand should be clearly and concisely articulated.
  2. Look at it every day:
    • Does your assessment of what you wrote down seem honest? It is at this point that you can break down story-telling inconsistencies and brand alignment issues. If your value proposition and brand positioning are well articulated, are you using the proper tools to align internal functions with external expectations? As you continually revisit what you wrote, the before mentioned inconsistencies will shine through more and more.
  3. Start with a plan:
    • At this point, you are well into the process of “achieving greatness.” You’ve identified your brands position and goals, you’ve outline procedural inconsistencies, and now you are ready to plan. Maybe a brand refresh is necessary, or perhaps a total rebrand. Whatever the revelation, this part of the three step plan is meant to show you that your brand has the potential to go from merely existing to becoming and immensely powerful tool.

If you’ve read through this and you find yourself unsure where to begin at any point in this process, reach out to us. We have a team full of strategists who specialize in just that – brand planning and strategy.

Article: A Simple 3-Step Process to Achieving Greatness

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